Florida District Dues


Florida District Dues: $30.00 per member annually.
Dues are waived for two years for former members of a Kiwanis Sponsored Program. 
      >>  New Member Enrollment Fees - Effective 10/1/2013
                 - The new "New Member Enrollment" fee Structure for Florida Kiwanis


Florida District New Member Add Fee
$25.00 per new member 
The Florida District new member add fee is waived for former members of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. 


Florida District Convention Assessments                                                                   
Florida District Bylaws provide for an annual Club Convention Assessment of $60.00. 
This is a club assessment, not an individual assessment.


Florida District Life Member


The cost of Florida District Life Member Status is a one-time fee of $450.00 
(15 times the amount of annual dues $30) payable upon application.  Florida District Life Member Status is achieved when payment is received by the Florida District of Kiwanis International and the application is approved.

Once District Life Member Status has been achieved, the member's club will never again be required to pay District dues for that member.  District Life Member Status has no effect on payment of International dues, liability insurance, the subscription to Kiwanis Magazine, or club dues.  The District Life Member shall not be assessed by the club for District dues.  [Download Application]